Custom water polo caps


We are - water polo caps production and sale  for men ,women and kids.
We were established 1987 in Slovakia (EU) and we produce high quality custom
water polo caps (also named water polo helmet, water polo headgear, water polo hat, water polo swim caps ear protection, water polo head protection or water polo equipment) for amateur or professional water polo teams. Our next products are caps for UW rugby, UW hockey and personalised caps like gifts.

We produce quality water polo caps  - set of 26 pcs caps

(12 pcs dark , 12 pcs light for players + 2 pcs goalies)

 EUR 269,90 (incl. local VAT 20%)

(final sale price without shipping fees)


Samples of our water polo caps


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Ballpolo,s.r.o. (Ltd)
Vinicna street no.31

SK-94002 Nove Zamky

Slovakia - Europe

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phone: +421 35 381 11 11

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